WC SIP – California Self-Insurance Administrator’s Exam Prep Course



Target Audience

Workers’ Compensation professionals wishing to get the California Self-Insurance Administrator’s (commonly known as the SIP) Certificate through the California the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) and the Office of Self-Insurance Plans (OSIP).

Course Focus

The course of study covers all of the subjects below with reference to statutory and case law as well as management of the claims process throughout each module. It addresses disability evaluation from all aspects, from computation of wage loss to assessment of disability medically, to calculation of same in the 1997 & 2005 Permanent Disability Rating Schedules (PDRS). An entire module is spent on reserving and determination of future liabilities. There will be a knowledge check at the end of each module, and a final practice exam. The questions are designed to represent the type of questions that will be on OSIP’s exam.

Learning objectives:

  1. Prepare to pass the SIP exam
  2. Have sufficient knowledge and recall in the following areas
    • 25% Statutory and Case Law
    • 25% Administrative Director Rules and Regs
    • 25% Medical Management, Disability Evaluations, Reserves and determination of Future Liabilities
    • 25% General Claims Management

Each module will include:

  1. Learning objectives for that module
  2. A pre-lecture reading assignment with a list of the relevant Labor Code and Administrative Regulations from the required textbook Workers’ Compensation Laws of California
  3. List of supplementary recommended resources including specific CPWC modules as well as sections of the California Workers’ Compensation Handbook, Stanford Herlick
  4. Each module will have a short multiple-choice Knowledge Check

Course Scope

12 modules of 1 hour each for 12 total hours

  1. Initial Concepts, Injury, Presumptions, Employers, Employees, Employee’s dependents,
  2. Compensability and Exclusive Remedy, Exclusive Remedy Exceptions; AOE/COE Concepts
  3. Medical Benefits part 1 – Medical Exams, Medical Legal Process; Medical Legal Expenses
  4. Medical Benefits part 2 – Medical and Hospital Treatment; Utilization Review (UR); Independent Medical Review (IMR); Medical Provider Network (MPN)
  5. Medical Benefits part 3 -Medical Terminology
  6. AWW Computation; Compensation schedules, Notices
  7. Disability Payments and Lien against Compensation; Death Benefits
  8. PD and SJDB/Return to Work
  9. Litigation and Proceedings; Compromise & Release (C&R) and stipulated awards, Jurisdiction, Statutes of Limitation on Proceedings; Administrative Assistance; Applications and Answers, Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) Hearings, Findings and Awards, Reconsideration and Judicial Review
  10. Insurance and Self-Insurance; WC Fraud; Subrogation; Self- Insurance Requirements and Reporting
  11. Insurer Audits and Penalties
  12. Reserving and determination of Future Liabilities

Course Expiration: 120 days from date of enrollment


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