Productivity Management



Research shows that those who consistently meet targets and achieve goals know how to manage their focus and attention and are more productive. IEA’s Productivity Training is aimed at anyone who wants to enhance or refresh their attention management skills, learn how to deal with distractions, and get more accomplished during the workday.

This course addresses the issue of productivity in three ways:

  • How to get clarity around goals to ensure work and expectations are in aligned and prioritize what needs to get done first.
  • How to focus on the task at hand and ensure other activities don’t take the time
  • How to use problem solving steps and techniques to manage time and productivity

Each module video runs around 35 minutes. Time expected to complete each module including exercises and quizzes is approximately 2 hours.

Who should attend:

  • New Hires
  • Team members with deadlines

Aligning goals and prioritizing tasks effectively in order to concentrate on what’s important and what isn’t.

The participant will demonstrate ability to:

  • Align goals with those of the organization
  • Use appropriately framed questions to clarify goals
  • State basic principles to consider when prioritizing tasks or goals, particularly those that are truly urgent
  • Prioritize tasks using a prioritization matrix
  • Explain the benefits of knowing how time is spent

Apply knowledge and skill by analyzing insurance scenarios

Focusing on the task at hand to ensure that work gets done and other things don’t take up the time.

The participants will demonstrate ability to:

  • Define knowledge worker, attention management, focus, voluntary vs involuntary attention, broad vs focused attention
  • Explain why we lose focus and the obstacle to maintaining focus
  • Discuss the research and the impact of “switching costs” and gender differences on attention
  • Discuss why “multitasking” is the enemy of productivity
  • Explain the Attention Zones model-reactive, proactive, distraction, waste and its benefits
  • State how the environment can impact attention
  • Explain how improved attention can improve your life

Apply knowledge and skill by analyzing insurance scenarios and examples

Using a range of tools, tools and techniques to help manage time.

The participants will demonstrate ability to:

  • Discuss different models of “To Do Lists” with advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Explain the Pomodoro Method
  • List various daily habits to improve overall focus and minimize distractions
  • Explain various tactics that can be used to regain and maintain focus and attention

Apply knowledge and skill by analyzing insurance scenarios “What Would You Do?”

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Check out some sample clips from the Productivity Management course!